HD Video Production for 21st Century Charities!

B9 operates from the centre of Birmingham, in the heart of the business community.

We believe in putting back into our community and are dedicated to working with local charities who contribute to the lives of people in Birmingham and beyond.

As such, a lot of our work is with local and national charities. We offer discounted rates to registered charities and you can trust that we understand your unique goals and concerns when it comes to communicating to the world through video.

Whatever you’re looking for, get in touch and we can discuss your ideas over a coffee. We’ll then come back with a plan that meets your brief before finalising a quote that works for you. Everything’s simple and easy, and we include multiple viewings and re-edits along the way so you can be happy before signing off on the project.

Some of our videos for PCUK…

Men United Arms Launch

Keeping Friendships Alive

Bill and Eddie Personal Story

Rugby Launch (Men United Arms)

The Sky’s the limit with Bill and Eddie

‘Holland to Holland’ cycling with Matt Holland

Holland or Never-lands with Matt Holland

Keep reaching out with Black Health initiative

Keep healthy with Focus on Food

Keep building with Age UK

Keep sharing with Metro Walnut Support Group

Joining a support group

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