Kev Bagnall
Kev BagnallManager
Kev is a product of the University of Staffordshire’s filmmaking degree course. He has worked in the camera department on several well-known bands’ music videos as well as writing, directing and producing his own films. Kev founded B9 Film&Media in 2011, and is endlessly bringing new fresh material to the table. No matter what your story is, Kev will capture it, craft it and deliver it to reflect your message. The best thing about Kev is the energy and passion he puts into producing films.
Kev MacDonagh
Kev MacDonaghEditor
Kev has been editing feature films and music videos for over 10 years and has an eye for inspired and creative detail. A strange talent of Kev’s is that he could tell you absolutely anything about Las Vegas. Feel free to fire questions at him.
Jet Singh
Jet SinghPhotographer and Graphic designer
Jet eats, breathes and sleeps photography. He is passionate about creating edgy, bespoke images that please the eye. He regularly mentions the Mise-en-scène (although we don’t think he’s ever been to France) and understands the importance of correct lighting and framing. He is also the main man when it comes to graphic design and branding.
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Our Valuable Team Members

Rohini Makwana
Rohini MakwanaVideographer
Rohini has always had a passion for creating stunning videos. Whilst studying media she has gained great experience in video and film production. She has a keen eye for detail and actively enjoys being creative and working behind the camera.
Chris Atkinson
Chris AtkinsonVideographer and editor
Chris has worked as a videographer / video editor since 2006 after graduating from Staffordshire university with a 2.1 degree in film, television and radio studies. He does an amazing Ricky Gervais impression (sometimes unintentionally).
Faye Minister
Faye MinisterVideographer
Faye enjoys nature and can be always found in a field or meadow filming the wings of a bee or the flight path of a domestic sparrow. She regularly travels to America with Dreamflights, helping children less fortunate but doesn’t like to talk about her charidee.